What we’re all about

The California Swing Dance Hall Of Fame was founded in 1990 and is a non-profit, 501c3 Corporation run by a volunteer Board of Directors. Its mission is to pay tribute to and promotes the recognition and appreciation of professional and non-professional dancers of the past and present, whose outstanding talents and showmanship created a legacy of movement, rhythm, energy and style in the art of swing dancing. The organization also strives to pass on this swing dance legacy to the present dance generation and to ensure that the inherited styling will continue to be interpreted and enjoyed in its highest artistic form.

Those inducted or recognized into the Hall of Fame must be California residents for at least Five years. Dancers wishing to be considered must submit a Nominee Application to the Board of Directors.

They must have at least:

Nova 5 to 10 years swing dance experience.
Rising Star 10 to 20 years Swing Dance experience.
Shining Star 20 to 30 years Swing Dance experience.
Golden Star 30+ years Swing Dance experience.
Special Achievements Individuals who have substantially contributed to the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame and/or Swing Dance in California.
Couples Couples recognized for their contribution and influence as a swing dance couple at the discretion of the board.
Stellar an individual who over the years has contributed substantially to Swing Dancing in California and is now deceased.