Austin Kois

Nova Star 2022 for West Coast Swing

Dance history: Austin Kois is a Champion level West Coast Swing dancer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He began his dance career with West Coast Swing in 2012 when his mother pressured him to go out and try dancing with her at WnY Warehouse in Novato. After a few tentative weeks, he was hooked. Austin entered his first competition in January 2013 and won all three divisions, and since then has been steadily climbing the competitive ranks. He reached All-Star level within two years, acquiring many first place wins in the division before moving on to Champion level competition in 2019. He founded and taught at a weekly dance in Sonoma County that ran from 2018-2020. In February 2020 he made his first Champions Jack and Jill finals and won first place. He now operates as Head of Education at Mission City Swing in San Francisco and teaches around the Bay Area as well as in communities across the country and around the world. His focus in dance is to help people build better communities and friendships by being able to dance better with each other and communicate through movement.

Descriptions of accomplishments:

Champions Capital Swing Presidents’ Day February 2020 1st Jack & Jill

Capital Swing Presidents’ Day February 2020 1st Strictly Swing All Star Jack & Jill

DC Swing eXperience (DCSX) November 2019 1st

Swingtacular August 2019 1st

BudaFest Open WCS Championships January 2019 2nd

The After Party (TAP) December 2018 1st

Rose City Swing February 2018 1st

SwingDiego May 2017 1st

Capital Swing President’ Day February 2017 1st

City of Angels April 2016 1st