Blake Thiessen

Nova Star 2022 for Lindy Hop

Dance history: Blake Thiessen has quickly risen the ranks to be an internationally known competitor and champion in Lindy Hop and Balboa. With proud roots learning to dance in Southern California, Blake is deeply inspired by historic dancers Dean Collins, Maxie Dorf, Hal Takier, John Mills, Lennie Smith, and more. He spends much of his time analyzing vintage clips and emulating their steps and then creating his own in the studio and on the social floor. As a social dancer,Blake will dance with anyone and is always keen on sharing a great dance (and not out dancing his partner). He tends to go out four or more nights a week and teaches locally at Atomic Ballroom twice a week.

Stylistically, Blake has a unique sense of musicality that plays with timing, momentum, and connection in a finessed and refined way.He also loves to slide and spin and spends hours practicing both, whether it’s 3-4 free spins like Hal Takier or mastering Dean Collin’sSuper Slide.Blake also frequently travels nationally and internationally to teach and compete. He’s taught workshops in Australia, Korea, Japan,Belgium, Florida, Indiana, Chicago. In 2020, he’s booked to teach a 2month residency in Vienna, as well and weekend events in China, Spain,Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, and Finland.

Descriptions of accomplishments:1st Place – Hot Rhythm Holiday 2022 Any-Swing Goes Strictly 3rd Place – California Balboa Classic 2020 The Classic 2nd Place – Lindy Focus XVIII (2019) Advanced Lindy Couples 1st Place – International Lindy Hop Championships 2019 All-Star Classic 3rd Place – International Lindy Hop Championships 2019 Showcase Throw down