Erin Stevens

Golden Star 2022 for Lindy Hop

Dance history: Erin Stevens is a co-owner of Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association and a world-renowned Swing dancer. She is experienced in all forms of Social Dance but is best known for her study of, and dance expertise in the Lindy Hop style of swing. Credited with bringing the Father of Lindy Hop, Frankie Manning, out of dance retirement in the 1980’s, she was greatly influential in igniting the 2nd era of Swing (in the 90s). She has traveled extensively, teaching Lindy Hop across the United States, Australia, Singapore, Japan and throughout Europe. As a featured soloist for the American Movie Classics television special”Gotta Dance,”  in 1998 Erin was flown to Washington D.C. to dance at the White House for President Clinton. Her swing number was televised as part of the PBS special “Stomp, Slide, Swing: In Performance at the White House”.

Descriptions of accomplishments:Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association – successfully owned and operated this studio with sister, Tami Stevens teaching all social dances but specializing in Lindy Hop. From 1983 to present.

Studying with the “Father of Swing” Frankie Manning in the 80’s and bringing Frankie to her studio in California. Competed with partner Steven Mitchel in the 80’s and 90’s.