Larisa Tingle

Nova Star 2022 for West Coast Swing

Dance history: Larisa is the owner of Starlight Dance studio in SD, she is a top Champion Dancer, (winning and placing at the Champion level), a three time US Open Classic Finalist.She is known as a current “Top Lady of style”.A sought after DJ for events all over the world – AKA:“Tingle Time”. She is a Choreography, Judge, and Teacher (at her studio and at events). She is very active in our So Cal community; hosting dance classes (at least two dance parties a month), bringing in out of town Pro’s to teach, and DJ’ing and attending other local venues to promote and participate in our dance community,You can find Larisa out multiple times a week having fun, dancing, teaching and promoting west coast swing.

Descriptions of accomplishments:Prior to 2020:US Open Classic Finalist 2017, 2018, 2019DCSX 2019 Invitational Jnj 2nd place with Robert Royston Swingtacular 2019 Peer Vote Champion Jnj 2nd Place with Kyle Redd Halloween Swingthing 2018 1st Place invitational with Kyle Redd Halloween Swingthing 2017 1st Place invitational with Ben Morris Halloween Swingthing 2017 1st Place Allstar Champ with Demetre Souliotes Phoenix 4th of July 2018 1st Place Champion Jnj with Jordan FrisbeeBudapest 2020 1st Place Allstar Champion JnJ City of Angels 2019 Champions Jnj 2nd Place with Christopher Dumond Bridgetown 2018 Champion Strictly 1st Place with Glenn Ball