Samantha Nguyen

Nova Star 2022 for Lindy Hop

Dance history: Samantha is a really beautiful swing dancer who knows how to connect meaningfully to both her partner and the music. She has been dancing for 7 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she teaches local classes all over the bay, organizes events such as Dancers’ Den (monthly live band event) and The Switch Workshop (weekend workshop + live music dances), and dances until the early hours of the morning. She rose quickly as a dance competitor, and has placed in competitions at Camp Hollywood, ILHC, Inspiration Weekend, Fog City Stomp, Camp Jitterbug, California Balboa Classic, and Swingin’ at the Savoy – to name a few. Her most notable competitions are 2nd place in the 2017 Camp Hollywood Advanced Mix&Match, 2018 San Diego Balboa and Lindy Hop Champions, 2018 Midwest Lindy fest Overall Collegiate Jitterbug Champion, 1st place in the 2019 Inspiration Weekend All-Star Mix&Match, the winner of the 2019 Inspiration Award at Inspiration Weekend, and 1st place in the 2019 ILHC All-Star Classic routine with Blake Thiessen.

No matter who Samantha dances with – as a follower or as a leader – she expresses the joy of dancing. Samantha’s dancing is both playful and technically strong, making her a fearless dancer who can follow anything that is thrown her way while still incorporating her own style. She has a special talent for musicality and all forms of swing dancing; she allows the music to inspire her movement. Her footwork is so intricate and precise that she looks like she glides across the floor. And she always has the biggest, brightest smile when she dances. Anyone who watches her dance can see and feel the joy she radiates. Additionally, Samantha is supportive of the history of the dance of swing, often drawing from historic dancers for inspiration while encouraging the evolution of the dance. She’s happy to have been able to meet so many of the legends of swing dancing in her dance career, and she recognizes the importance of the Hall of Fame in its goal to preserve the rich history of the dance.