Victoria Henk

Rising Star 2022 for West Coast Swing

Dance History: Victoria Henk’s began dancing at age 4 with ballet and gymnastics, with hip hop and jazz soon joining the mix at age 6. At the age of 8 she starts training at the Schwimmer’s 5678 Dance Studio where she was quickly placed onto both the juniors West Coast Swing and Jazz teams. Victoria’s passion and ability for both the solo dances and West CoastSwing was cultivated at the studio until she began to dedicate as much time to it is as she possibly could. When she began to compete, she quickly met with success, culminating in her winning the 2014 NASDE All Star Tour and immediately afterwards beginning to place and final in Champions divisions. She has taught hip hop at Buddy Schwimmer’s Dance Center. Her training included the Edge Performing Arts Center in LA with the top choreographers in the world. She traveled around the globe to teachWest Coast Swing with along with partner Ben Morris from 2016 to 2019.Today she is a full-time student studying for her undergrad at university. Today, as time permits, she still participates as an active Champion competitor worldwide.Victoria Henk ‘s WCS competitive career was full of achievements right from the start. In March 2009 she took the 3rd place in the junior’s division at High Desert Dance Classic. Victoria took the 2nd place on her first novice J&J final at World Swing Dance Championships when she was only 13. Progressing quickly through the adult ranks, Victoria made All-Stars in 2013 and Champions in 2014. She performed her first classic routine at the US Open in 2015 with Ben Morris and placed 2nd.Victoria and Ben became one of the leading WCS couples in the world.They placed 1st and 2nd on their next US Open classics and taught and performed all over the globe.